Apple iPhone 5C Features & Pricing in India

Apple iPhone 5C Features & Pricing in India

This Tuesday we people experienced unveiled of two brand new handsets from the house of apple named as apple iPhone 5s and apple iPhone 5c. To add an introduction according to experts while iPhone 5s comes with a lot of new features and specifications, iPhone 5c has been all about price. Thence we decided to start with the specification first and then we’ll move on to price part of new apple iPhone 5c.

Recently lanuched Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C by Apple

Recently lanuched Iphone 5S (left) and Iphone 5C (right) by Apple

Body and design – there are chances that the new polycarbonate shell might remind you of nokia Lumia 620 a bit. The rest of the various features like 4.0 inch Retina display, 8MP iSight Camera are same as in apple iPhone 5.

IOS 7 with A6 chip has been provided in the menu as well which can be defined as apple’s latest redesigned UI along with the option to download the IWork apps suite for free which includes pages, iMovie, iPhoto, numbers and keynote apps which are obviously otherwise are paid applications.

Price and availability – it was assumed that iPhone 5c would be a low cost iPhone but unfortunately this turned out as in big disappointment as even though there it comes with impressive hardware specifications in a wide variety of colors the main criteria for this handset was price which has been disappointing. In fact it was assumed that this particular device would become a perfect competition for all the various mid-level Android Smartphones but now all those hopes have been put to rest.

All in all it is assumed that 16 GB iPhone 5c would cost somewhere around rupees thirty five thousand that too without adding any duties and other charges.

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