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ZoneMTA Powerful Opensoure MTA

ZoneMTA is an opensource Nodejs and MongoDB based mail transfer agent which offers you enterprise level MTA (mail transfer agent) features to send bulk emails.

Acelle Modern and New Email Marketing App

Acelle is a new self-hosted email marketing application (EMA) which is simple but yet very useful and offers key features to run and manage successful email marketing campaigns.

Perfex CRM for Freelancer and Agency

Perfex is a perfect modern CRM (Customer relationship management) app for freelancer and Small Medium Enterprises (SME). At just USD 54 it offers plenty of features right from lead management...

Serverpilot: Best Cloud Control Panel

Ever since cloud computing started, the web application based on cloud started making buzz and now we can see most of the application coming on cloud servers as SAAS (Software...

MailWizz: Top 10 Key Features

Mailwizz is a modern email marketing app with cutting edge enterprise level features and functionalities. It is now a leader among self-hosted email marketing app and it is now far ahead... – An easy way to send better emails

Email marketing is blooming in today online marketing industry which almost every online business use to keep in touch with their clients/prospects/subscribers. While it seems very easy to send an...