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Sir Trevor: A rich open source client side content editor

Sir Trevor is a rich cutting edge client side editor. It is completely open source and free to use.

URL-CAP: Create responsive website screenshots from web address is free web tool that facilitate you to capture screenshots of your website, It does not only capture screenshots for a single display device, rather it generate screenshots for...

Get over 200+ CSS3 icons created by

Now a days CSS3 icons are getting popular among web professionals like web designers, front end developers and lovers etc. as it reduce the number of http requests and speed...

Create responsive websites with Responsive Elements

Responsive Elements is a simple Jquery plugin which facilitate you to create responsive web page elements quickly and easily without much coding effort, it saves your plenty of times and...

Daturi: Convert any image to Base64 quickly and easily

Daturi _is an online application developed by Guille Paz _to convert any image to Base64 easily and quickly.

First look of Nexus 5 checkout in 3D view

This is Nexus 5 smartphone 3D view, this view is created on the basis of various leaked images of upcoming flagship model Nexus 5 from Google.