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Download free full hotel UI kit

In today freebie section I am going to share with you a full beautiful hotel ui kit for free.

With Bootstrap Magic Create Your Bootstrap Theme Easily

Bootstrap Magic is a free and opensource web tool by which you can create your own Twitter Bootstrap theme for your web application or website.

Test your responsive website with Screenfly

Screenfly is a new web tool from quicktools to test your responsive website pages. Just access _ _and enter your website url and click on go.

Social Media an Addiction

The most significant technological advancement in recent years is certainly the social media. Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange...

A new competitor in market – XOLO Q1000S

Quality is something we have always received from XOLO; in fact they have always made sure that whatever comes out from the house comes with +1 quality sticker. Indeed this...

In real time find out which fonts are being used in a PSD

Recently I covered an article how you can find out font names which are being used in any website using typewonder on real time basis. Now you can now know the font...