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Furatto: A ready to launch open source UI framework

Furatto is another frontend framework created over twitter bootstrap to let you create website and web application easily, it serves as a base of web application and website.

S Gallery: A responsive jquery plugin with CSS3 animations

This time I found a very good elegant jquery plugin to solve your modern gallery problem, it is equipped with CSS3 and supported by all modern browser like Chrome, Safari,...

Monsta FTP: Free open source web based FTP client application

In today era cloud computing is emerging as a market leader, we do prefer our data to remain or put on cloud or server so whenever we required to use...

Firechat: Open source client side real time chat application

Firechat is an Open source real time chat application that runs fully on client side without any support of server side code.

How to show or hide password input box content

Many times while entering the password visitors forgot what they have entered and ultimately when they do click on submit button they find in correct login or password as an...

How to create animated button with jquery and css3

With the help of jquery and css3 you can create animated buttons for your next web project.