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Craft: Yet another open source flat CMS

Meanwhile ago I shared with you an Open source CMS called Pico, this time I again returned with another light weighted CMS called Craft.

Pico: A light weighted blazing fast Open Source CMS

You probably know the renowned and very popular php based content management system (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc., each CMS has its own features and provide robust and complex...

In INR 9850 only LG Optimus L4II dual is spotted on website

Electronics giant company LG has unveiled its latest flagship mobile model LG optimus L4II dual through its website in INR 9850 only.

Micromax A92 lite having 5-inch display spotted in INR 8,499

India’s biggest retail website has started selling of newly announced Micromax A92 model of mobile phone in INR 8,499. Order Micromax A96 Now.

Tactile Design Kit: Necessary printable web client sheets

Keeping client happy is our motive after all some face little and some face a lot of problem in lack of proper documentation with client since every client is new,...

Countable.js to count words, paragraphs, characters and spaces

Although available javascript frameworks have just eased javascript development but before any javascript frameworks like Jquery, Mootools and others were invented it was alone javascript in which developer used to...