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June 28 2013Durgesh Gupta

From simple notepad to Adobe Dreamweaver, Java Netbeans, MS Visual Studio and other there are numerous paid and non-paid Interactive development environment (IDE) in today date exist in market for professional coder to code in variety of desktop and web languages.

KineticWIng IDE for web development

KineticWIng IDE for web development

But above said IDEs are complex and offer wide range of functionality (not limited to web only) also those IDEs are not free and charge decent money to own it.

KineticWing is a free IDE that offer seamless possibilities to web coders to do effortless coding. It offers lightweight, portable, smart, faster and easier web development environment.

KineticWing IDE is specifically meant for web developer not for desktop or any other system software developers. Unlike other available IDE software it is mainly developed to serve web developers and aim to provide best IDE experience while coding in cutting edge web development languages like PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python and Mysql etc.

KinesticWing is freely available for Windows and Linux based platform a part from this Mac version is also listed on it’s website with coming soon message.

It has full support of Less IDE and has variety of code editor like CSS3, HTML5, Php editor, CoffeeScript editor, QSS Editor with three inbuilt themes to customize coding visual appearance while writing the code.

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