Minimit-Anima: Hardware accelerated with fallback CSS3 animation

July 04 2013Durgesh Gupta

Minimit-Anima is a jquery plugin to create CSS3 based animation which is accelerated by hardware and supported by modern browser like Mozilla, Chrome and Safari etc.

Minimit-Anima a jquery plugin to produce CSS3 animation

Minimit-Anima a jquery plugin to produce CSS3 animation

Minimit has automatic fallback animations support so if a browser does not support 3D based transformation effect then it can automatically render result in flat animation and transform that intended browser do support.

There are different kind animations parameters, properties, utilities  and plenty of customization options with the help of these you can put amazing animation over elements you want to animate when certain event like mouse hover or click occur.

Minimit can be used in small or large scale to produce 2D or 3D animations and transformations.

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