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Recommended SEO checklist for a new websites

Prior to start SEO of new websites checked the below checklist.

An introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (A Beginner Guide)

They are millions of websites running on internet. It is estimated that in just one minute millions web pages are added on these websites. Before I elaborate you what is...

Google page speed insight extension for chrome

It is speed that does matter most to our search engine like google, bing and yahoo etc. if your website is lack of speed and has poor respond time then...

How to test your web page speed?

In recent time Google has implemented the web page speed factor to rank any web page. In search algorithm google gives weightage to page which is faster in loading into...

How Google found your website on internet? Learn with Google

This tutorial is all about online marketing it introduces you the concept of Search Engine Marketing. How Google found your website on internet.

Google India Lights candle to pay homage to Delhi Brave heart

As the 23rd yrs old victim died on 29th of December battling for her life the whole nation mourns.

Sachin Tendulkar after world cricket dominating search engines

So far we have seen him to dominate the world cricket with his cricketing action but as he announced his retirement from ODI format the whole cricketing nations given him...

Delhi Rape Case Victim dominates on Search Engines in India

The highly condemn the brutal rape case of Delhi is highly dominated search results on Search engines including top search engine giant like google india, yahoo india and bing india....