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Write in collaboration with Editorially.com

Writing in collaboration was never so easy before editorially.com came into picture, with Editorially.com you can do all sorts of writing activities, precisely and hassle free. Editorially is a new collaborative writing and editing platform, with this awesome tool you can now work on your article with more extra focus.

Some of the major features of Editorially.com are Markdown-based writing, Focus on the words, Create clean markup easily, Collaboration with friends, Version control with timeline and notes, discussions, Activity logs, Direct publication to WordPress, Dropbox and other platforms (coming soon), Export article in different version i.e. Html, Markdown, Plain text, Rich text, MS word, eBook etc.

This is one of the best free content writing tool for writer community and professionals like content writers, bloggers etc. Editorially.com can now boost their productivity and simultaneously writers can write efficiently, manage and share their content easily.

Overall it’s a start of writing revolution.

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Durgesh Gupta
Durgesh Gupta
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