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Category Opensource

ZoneMTA Powerful Opensoure MTA


ZoneMTA is an opensource Nodejs and MongoDB based mail transfer agent which offers you enterprise level MTA (mail transfer agent) features to send bulk emails. It offers a wide range of features and functionality which makes it out of the…

Perfex CRM for Freelancer and Agency

Perfex CRM

Perfex is a perfect modern CRM (Customer relationship management) app for freelancer and Small Medium Enterprises (SME).At just USD 54 it offers plenty of features right from lead management to customer management, project management, invoicing, billing, contract, support, and more…

PencilBlue: A Node.js based CMS

Pnecil Blue Node.js CMS

Node.js is a modern web development platform since it is new it is constantly getting mature day by day. Today not much open source apps are available which are built on Node.js but I found a promising CMS PencilBlue based…