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Perfex CRM for Freelancer and Agency

Perfex is a perfect modern CRM (Customer relationship management) app for freelancer and Small Medium Enterprises (SME). At just USD 54 it offers plenty of features right from lead management...

Serverpilot: Best Cloud Control Panel

Ever since cloud computing started, the web application based on cloud started making buzz and now we can see most of the application coming on cloud servers as SAAS (Software...

MailWizz: Top 10 Key Features

Mailwizz is a modern email marketing app with cutting edge enterprise level features and functionalities. It is now a leader among self-hosted email marketing app and it is now far ahead...

Build UTM url quickly with

UTM tags help you to track your online marketing campaign easily. There are different ways to place different UTM tags in order to track online marketing campaigns, creating UTM tags...

Get maximum email deliverability with Amazon SES and Sendy at very cheap rate

Sending email newsletters to your subscribers and getting robust deliverability can be very costly with any third party email service providers i.e. Sendgrid, Mandrill and Mailgun etc. Thanks to Amazon...

Vectr: A Free online and offline design App

Vectr is a designing software as well an online application as it is available for both Web as well as Desktop variants. You can download Vectr on your desktop machine...

Better Error Pages – Create 404, 503 and maintenance pages for free

Better error pages is a free online error page builder created by, with the help of this awesome error page builder you can build your error page i.e. 404,...

Learn online typing fast with Ratatype tutor

Ratatype typing tutor is an online application which helps you to type better and type fast. It’s a very good alternative of desktop typing tutor software, Ratatype got modern web... A beautiful and free email designing app

_     _This is the best email designing app for you and probably if I am not wrong it is the very first free Email Designer which offers modern user interface and so...

Start your own marketplace with Dokan and Woocommerce

Dokan is a marketplace plugin available forWoocommerce as an extension it turns your single Woocommerce into multi vendor / multi store e-commerce website where multiple sellers can sell their products.

Weekly Web Resource Digest 1

Titon Toolkit: A new frontend framework for responsive and modern web

Nibbler: An awesome tool to test website

Nibbler is a new and awesome free tool to test your website for key areas like responsiveness, links, technology, SEO, social media and accessibility. To test a website go to

Pictura – To use flickr photos in Photoshop

Pictura is a new, wonderful and very useful free photoshop extension available for Photoshop CC. With the help of this powerful extension you can easily find out most appropriate photographs...

Create interactive stories for creative people

Odyssey.js is an open source javascript plugin to create interactive stories. Odyssey.js combines all your multimedia content and finally adds interactivity into that.

A must have list of websites for latest Web Design Resource and Inspiration

If you are a web designer or UI developer then you must be looking for some awesome websites for design inspiration and resource while working on web project.

Woocommerce launched WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce is a powerful and most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin, increasing its ever growing extensions for WooCommerce shooping cart, the WooCommerce maker has just launched a booking extension which can...

TeamLab Office: An open source alternative of Office365

Office365 is a pretty good solution from Microsoft which offers entire MS office to be available on cloud to access from anywhere and work from anywhere, but this is pretty much...

Magic CSS3: Add special effects in web

We have been using Adobe package to create special effects with the help of tools like creative software like Photoshop but now ever since CSS3 has emerged in web we...

iHover effects: Huge collection of CSS3 hover effects

To solve your modern CSS3 hover effects problem iHover is bringing you the huge set of special hover effects both in Circle and Square.

Opencall: An open source call tracking software

Opencall is a first open source call tracking application written with the help of PHP and Mysql. This application can track the caller and also comes with lots of other...

ShareDrop- Replica of AirDrop service in HTML5

ShareDrop is a clone of AirDrop service of Apple, with the help of ShareDrop you can transfer files between devices. As of now on ShareDrop can share files between devices over...

Invoice Ninja: An open source and free invoice app

Invoice Ninja is a new, free and open source invoicing app to solve your invoicing problem. There lots of online invoicing tool but those are not free, Invoice Ninja is...

JQuery Tip Cards: To create Google tips like flip card layout

With jQuery tips cards plugin you can create a card layout that let your user flip through it like you see on Google Tips. The plugin is completely free and open...

Hemingway: write in more precise manner

Hemingway is a content writing app that facilitate you to write in a more clear, bold and precise manner, with this app you can write your content highlight them, save...

InstaClick for the faster loading of navigation and page

InstaClick is a javascript plugin to boost up the speed of website by loading selected navigation and linked pages faster, this way visitors don’t need to wait for longer time...

wow.js: animate anything as you scroll down the web page

With wow.js and animate.css you can make your page pretty much interactive with awesome  animations. you can animate different elements of the web page as scroll down event occurs on...

Zoomerang.js: To zoom in and zoom out any element of a web page

Zoomerang.js is a javascript plugin that can zoom in and zoom out any element of a web page i.e. Image, Text etc.

Clef: log in and log out to your website with your smartphone

After Google authentication, now it’s Clef who has completely change the way we used to log in to our website, the Clef is a free replacement for usernames and passwords...

Mondrian: A free open source web based vector graphic app

Mondrian is a web based vector graphic application like Adobe illustrator, it is free and open source web app which is entirely written in Coffeescript.

Create cutting edge logo for free with ease

Squarespace logo is an online web tool which recently launched by its maker to facilitate end user to create non-commercial free logo easily. You can create your logo for your...

Download free Twitter Bootstrap 3 UI controls in Vector format

The new Twitter Bootstrap 3 UI controls in vector format completely converted in html, js and css are now available for download.

Build and embed google map easily with Google Map Builder

Created by UI front end developer Donald, Google Map Generator is an awesome utility web tool to easily create Google map of your favorite location and easily embed on your website...

Hugo: A new way to build static website

Hugo is a tool to build static website. It is available for almost all major operating system i.e. Windows, Linux and Apple. The sites generated by Hugo can be easily... A great bookmarking tool to save and manage web links is a new cutting edge awesome bookmarking app. With the help of you can create and manage your favourite website links. You can save your favourite web link...

Codebreak: Create unlimited code repository and share with unlimited members for free

Codebreak is a new emerging, powerful git hosting service for code management, to provide free private and public code repository to host and share with unlimited friends or colleagues. Unlike Github and Bitbucket Codebreak... Upload work, share and get feedback for free is a new service to generate free feedback. To start working om upload your work in image format, annotate the design and share the link with your colleagues or... An easy way to transfer files between two locations is a simple, fast and reliable way to transfer files between two hosts. It is very easy to use hosted file transfer solution. With the help of this awesome...

Rails Assets: Ruby on rail based assets management system

Rails Assets is a new open source assets management system based on ruby on rails platform to develop assets management system.

Cockpit: To convert any static website into CMS website

Cockpit is a simple and easiest solution to convert any static website into CMS website. Building a template or theme for renowned CMS like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress is difficult...

WebFonter: Try thousands of web fonts live in your website

WebFonter is a new free web tool developed by which offers you to test any web fonts from on your website. With the help of this awesome utility,...

Animatron: Easily create html5 animation and share

Animatron is an online web tool which facilitate you an online designing tool to create html5 animation, with its unique, intuitive, easy to operate and awesome editor you can create...

Allofthelights.js: A free jquery plugin to enhance video viewing experience

Allofthelights.js is a jquery plugin to enhance experience of viewing internet videos. This free jquery plugin dimmed the opacity of entire webpage except selected area like video player to give...

Brimir: A free and open source ticket based support app

Brimir is a free and open source ticket based support app built with ruby on rails. Brimir is available in two versions one is in self-hosted and another is hosted...

Create interactive 3D object with free jquery interactive 3D plugin

Jquery Inteactive 3D plugin is a free jquery plugin developed by Pete R the founder of BucketListly, it offers you to created 3D interactive object by combining several images (taken...

Maplace.js: An awesome jquery plugin to insert google map

Maplace.js is a latest free jquery plugin to insert Google map on web page with variety of display layouts and styles. With the help of this awesome jquery map plugin...

Type Scale: Improve typography of website with proper typo scale

Inspired by Tim Brown’s Modular Scale calculator, Jeremy Church has created a new utility web tools called Type Scale to let you scale down the typography of the website with...

Ideal Form V3: An ultimate framework to build responsive HTML5 forms

Ideal Form V3 is a free jquery plugin, unlike its predecessor version Ideal Form V3 it offer you to create html5 based responsive web form.

Ionic: A beautiful front-end html5 framework for mobile development

Ionic offers you a beautiful front-end framework to develop awesome mobile application with the help of mobile optimized web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

qSnap: An awesome browser extension to capture web page screenshot

qSnap is a free browser extension to capture screenshot of webpage, edit and share it easily. qSnap extension is available for almost all eminent web browsers like Google Chrome, Apple...

Fix anything within a container with Jquery Auto Fix Anything

Jquery Auto Fix Anything is a jquery plugin created by Pete R., Founder of BucketListly, with the help of this plugin dynamically you can fix any position by calling a javascript function....

Ghostery: A comprehensive free user friendly privacy web tool

Ghoserty is a free browser extension that track webpage scripts and inform the users about the scripts that opened webpage is using in real time.

Slippry: An open source responsive jquery slider

Slippry is a new, open source, responsive and free jquery slider plugin. It is modern jquery plugin and intended to give you cutting edge web slider solution.

Crowdhoster: A free and open source crowd funding solution

Crowdhoster is a free and open source crowd funding platform developed in ruby on rails with Postgres.

OpenNote: A self-hosted rich web based WYSIWYG editor

OpenNote is an open source php based WYSIWYG editor. It is an open source alternative to the web based editors like Microsoft OneNote (T) and EverNote.

Simptip: A simple tooltip solution created with Sass

Simptip is a simple tooltip solution for your web page created with Sass (Stylesheet language), it comes in a simple light weighted single .css file, easy to load and customize...

Ink by Zorb: A free and responsive email framework

Ink is a responsive email framework to give you foundation to your next email campaign, be it newsletter or any type of email releases Ink provides you basic framework that...

Free Wall: A free jquery plugin for responsive dynamic grid layout like

Free Wall is a free jquery plugin which allows you to create responsive dynamic grid layout like

SlideMe: A responsive and elegant free jQuery slider plugin

SlideMe is a free jquery plugin to give you awesome slider solution to your website and application. Slides created by SlideMe is completely responsive which means it can render output...

Alpacs: A jquery plugin to build easy forms using JSON Schema

Alpaca.js is a free and open source jquery plugin to create forms on the fly using JSON Schema. It works over the top of jquery framework, and support both mobile...

Snap.svg: A Javascript library to create interactive scalable vector graphics

Snap.svg is a new Javascript library which let you create interactive scalable vector graphics (SVG) for modern web browser. The interactive graphics created by Snap.svg looks great on any size...

CircleType.js: A jquery plugin to set type on circle

Circletype.js is a free jquery plugin which let you set type on Circle. You can create Arc of text or even full circle of text. With the help of this...

Sir Trevor: A rich open source client side content editor

Sir Trevor is a rich cutting edge client side editor. It is completely open source and free to use.

URL-CAP: Create responsive website screenshots from web address is free web tool that facilitate you to capture screenshots of your website, It does not only capture screenshots for a single display device, rather it generate screenshots for...

Create responsive websites with Responsive Elements

Responsive Elements is a simple Jquery plugin which facilitate you to create responsive web page elements quickly and easily without much coding effort, it saves your plenty of times and...

Daturi: Convert any image to Base64 quickly and easily

Daturi _is an online application developed by Guille Paz _to convert any image to Base64 easily and quickly.

Scrolld.js: A Jquery plugin which offer responsive scrolling

Scrolld.js is a Jquery plugin who works over the top of Jquery framework to give responsive scrolling solution to your webpage.

Long Shadow Generator: Free Photoshop extension to generate long shadow effect

‘Long Shadow Generator’ is a free Photoshop extension to give long shadow effect to Photoshop layers.

Breezy: Free Photoshop plugin to export multiple layers

Breezy is a free Photoshop plugin to export multiple graphics layers easily. It adds Multilayer export functionality to existing Photoshop tools so that Photoshop designers can easily export graphics layers...

OneTimeBox: To create self-disposable public storage box to upload, share and delete files

OneTimeBox is a new website to offer you public data storage facility without registration which anybody can access via uniquely generated urls. Unlike other data storage service providers i.e. Google...

Litecart: free open source ecommerce shopping cart app

Recently I shared a post having title Top Free Opensource Ecommerce Shopping Cart Web Apps which gives you list of top most free open source ecommerce web apps. Here in...

Rainloop: A free webmail application which works without database

Rainloop is a free webmail application written in php, it is free and open source, its source code you can get from and

PACE: An automatic web page load progress bar javascript plugin

Pace is a javascript plugin which show the progress of a web page loading. It is a an independent javascript plugin, which does not require any javascript framework to work...

Google launches free web designer tool to create html5 site and ads

Google has just launched a web designer tool to create html5 based website and advertisements. The new creative software from Google is currently in Beta version and available for free...

Solo: A free project management application for Freelancers

Solo is a free and open source project management application for freelancers like web developers and designers. It is based on PHP, Mysql and very light in weight for use,...

Clndr: A jquery plugin to create calendar

Clndr is a jquery plugin to create beautiful and awesome calendar, its free, open source and hosted on github.

Capture keyboard inputs with Keypress

Keypress is a javascript library which takes input from keyboard and easily manipulate it. It is very useful keyboard javascript library to command keyboard inputs, for example if you want... Get notified by email when a web page changed is a free web tool to visually monitor your selected web page on selected interval time and on selected trigger level i.e. Tiny, Medium and Major. It gives you...

Tabslet: awesome and modern jquery tab plugin

Tabslet is a jquery tab plugin. This is an awesome, modern and beautifully designed tab plugin with lots of customization possibility.

Calculate potential online earnings with is a web tool where one can calculate his/her online potential earnings.

Uniecart from Unicommerce an open source free ecommerce app

You must have checked out my previous post on top open source ecommerce web apps, adding another product into this list here I am going to introduce Uniecart from

Stackedit: A full featured real time content editor and publisher

Stackedit is an open source free independent real time WYSIWYG web content editor and publisher.It completely run in web browser and use your browser cache to store documents data. Stackedit content...

AnimateScroll a jquery plugin to scroll to any part of a webpage

Animatescroll is a jquery plugin, with the help of this plugin you can scroll to any part of your web page.

Annyang: let visitor command your website with voice

Annyang is a latest javascript plugin that let your website visitor command your website via voice command.

Cloudconvert: Making conversion easy on cloud is an online file conversion tool where you can convert any file format to any file format online.

Create and share interactive multimedia timeline story with Meograph

Meograph is an online free web tool to create beautiful interactive multimedia rich timeline story.

Turn your web page images in album with Albumize jquery plugin

Albumize is a free and open source jquery plugin which offer you to create album with the collection of images.

With Bootstrap Magic Create Your Bootstrap Theme Easily

Bootstrap Magic is a free and opensource web tool by which you can create your own Twitter Bootstrap theme for your web application or website.

Test your responsive website with Screenfly

Screenfly is a new web tool from quicktools to test your responsive website pages. Just access _ _and enter your website url and click on go.

In real time find out which fonts are being used in a PSD

Recently I covered an article how you can find out font names which are being used in any website using typewonder on real time basis. Now you can now know the font...

Hi Slider: A free html5 slideshow maker

Hi Slider is a free tool to create html5 based slideshow which is supported by all modern web browser.

Download Mozilla’s reusable web apps UI components – BRICK

Mozilla has recently announced Brick a developer friendly HTML5 based development kit which is quickly use to quickly build smart mobile friendly web apps.

Flowtype: A responsive web typography for your website

Flowtype is a responsive typography solution for your web page or web app. Flowtype is a jquery plugin that comes with a single javascript called flowtype.jQuery.js which is light in weight for...

Download open source free PHP and Mysql login script

If you are a PHP developer for every new project based on CMS you have to design a user dashboard or admin login panel for that each time  you have...

Top 10 least known but useful modern website frontend framework

You must have known some of the popular website frontend framework i.e. Twitter Bootstrap and but there in this particular post I am going to share with you some...

Find out website font in real time with Typewonder

Web font is the key element to enhance the web typography of a website, an elegant look and feel of web font attract and engage the visitor of website and...

Owl Carousel: Touch enabled jquery responsive carousel slider

Owl Carousel is a latest free jquery plugin that facilitate you to create beautiful carousel scroll slider for your website or web app.

Create instant screenshot in phone device mockup with

This is mobile era and smartphones are dominating the mobile industry and applications for mobile phones are ever growing demand that are full filling needs of millions.

How to differentiate two images and highlight one of them?

Today in this particular post I am going to share with you a tutorial that will guide you to highlight the differences between two images.

Search GIF animated images with GIPHY

Mainly we use GIF animated images to show funny actions, emotions, reactions and expressions etc. on website.

Create multilevel responsive menu with jquery Slimmenu

Some days back I covered up a beautiful tutorial and resource How to create multilevel responsive navigation? and _How to create multilevel navigation in CSS3?</i> This time I am come up...

Skeljs: A light weighted single file frontend framework

Skel.js is a light weight frontend framework to quickly develop or build responsive website and web application. It comes in a single javascript file which has only 18kb of weight,...

Date.js: enter date and time like human

Date.js is a standalone javascript plugin that facilitate you to enter date and time in human language form. it’s an easiest way to document your project is a document creator on the basis of folder structure and markdown files on go, its useful to create developers friendly documentation for their project.

Grab all lorem lipsum text in one place

lorem lipsum is a sample text that we use in our web project for the demonstration of textual content with style, for every new web project wherever we lack with...

Free WordPress plugin to use Google web fonts

Today in web, Typography is the key element to enhance the readability and design of a webpage. In an effort to improve the typography of the web page and make...

Minified.js: A light weighted tiny javascript framework

Minified is a light weighted tiny javascript framework. There are many renowned javascript frameworks like Mootools and Jquery which are most popular among today web designers and developers.

Hashslider: Jquery plugin to slide the content with #hash tag

Hashslider is a jquery content slider that can slide any html content unlike any jquery content slider plugin, Hashslider come with a hash tag feature that is unique for each...

Furatto: A ready to launch open source UI framework

Furatto is another frontend framework created over twitter bootstrap to let you create website and web application easily, it serves as a base of web application and website.

S Gallery: A responsive jquery plugin with CSS3 animations

This time I found a very good elegant jquery plugin to solve your modern gallery problem, it is equipped with CSS3 and supported by all modern browser like Chrome, Safari,...

Monsta FTP: Free open source web based FTP client application

In today era cloud computing is emerging as a market leader, we do prefer our data to remain or put on cloud or server so whenever we required to use...

Firechat: Open source client side real time chat application

Firechat is an Open source real time chat application that runs fully on client side without any support of server side code.

How to show or hide password input box content

Many times while entering the password visitors forgot what they have entered and ultimately when they do click on submit button they find in correct login or password as an...

How to create animated button with jquery and css3

With the help of jquery and css3 you can create animated buttons for your next web project.

Create element with transition effect with ElementTransitions.js

Jquery offers different kind of effects that you can assign on different html elements when different events occurs like hover, click or double click etc.

Style Guide Boilerplate let you create your own Bootstrap framework

On w3update I have shared so many responsive frontend and CSS frameworks including some of the best like, twitter bootstrap, Fitgrid, Cardinal, Zurb Foundation, Pure, Fries, Workless, Phonegap etc....

Organized your content in tabs with tabulous.js

Today web has now become too much advanced, ever since css3 and html5 came in existence new web techniques and tools gets evolve each day.

Minimit-Anima: Hardware accelerated with fallback CSS3 animation

Minimit-Anima is a jquery plugin to create CSS3 based animation which is accelerated by hardware and supported by modern browser like Mozilla, Chrome and Safari etc.

Create Interactive html5 canvas based particles slideshow

The html5 based animations are just booming the web industry ever since modern browsers like Mozilla, Chrome and Safari etc. have started supporting HTML5 and CSS3 elements, every day we...

Craft: Yet another open source flat CMS

Meanwhile ago I shared with you an Open source CMS called Pico, this time I again returned with another light weighted CMS called Craft.

Pico: A light weighted blazing fast Open Source CMS

You probably know the renowned and very popular php based content management system (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc., each CMS has its own features and provide robust and complex...

Tactile Design Kit: Necessary printable web client sheets

Keeping client happy is our motive after all some face little and some face a lot of problem in lack of proper documentation with client since every client is new,...

Countable.js to count words, paragraphs, characters and spaces

Although available javascript frameworks have just eased javascript development but before any javascript frameworks like Jquery, Mootools and others were invented it was alone javascript in which developer used to...

Iconvault to create readymade and custom made icon font

Some days back I shared a post to create your own icon font with Fontastic, this time I found an alternative of Fontastic called Iconvault which offer the same thing...

Create never expire disposable email addresses without registration

Ever heard that you can opt free email address that does not require registration, you can create anonymous email address just on go all you need is a unique name to...

Code your next web project hassle free with KineticWing IDE

From simple notepad to Adobe Dreamweaver, Java Netbeans, MS Visual Studio and other there are numerous paid and non-paid Interactive development environment (IDE) in today date exist in market for...

Create responsive web design prototype in web browser

Froont is a latest prototype tool that helps you to create responsive web design layout (mockup/prototype) with its cutting edge tools and techniques.

Fitgrid: Too simple responsive frontend foundation

We have lots of frontend framework like Pure, Cikonss, 99lime, Cardinal, twitter bootstrap, zurb’s foundation and many more but we don’t have something that has simple and specific solution to...

HTML5 based chart.js for designers and developers

Visualizing the chart in web app dashboard or in simple website is great medium to turn your simple tabular data into interactive graph.

Learn to create modern window dialog box in CSS3

Before jquery came into light we were using simple javascript methods to open a dialog window to flash certain action or message on web page.

Collageplus a jquery plugin to fit images within a container

If you will access website, on home page you can see all the updates that resides automatically with images and a brief article in a grid based layout pattern....

Cardinal: A small and responsive framework for mobile development

Previously I have shared articles on frontend framework i.e, Pure,  twitter bootstrap, zurb foundation and other this time I am happy to share a small and especially for mobile...

Get free weather data and forecast with the help of Openweathermap API

It’s no more cumbersome task to get the latest weather report on your website, with the help of Openweathermap API you can get the latest weather data and forecast for...

Create hassle free CSS buttons

Today while surfing the internet I found an awesome web resource that I would like to share with you, it is about creating different kind of web buttons by CSS...

Create form filling progress tooltip with Progression.js

Progression.js is a Jquery plugin to create form filling progress tooltip indicator to guide users as they filling up the form.

Learn to create Google hot trends visualization like grid layout

Recently search engine giant Google changed the layout of its hot trending internet topics around the world. Simultaneously it also added a feature called hot trends data visualization, this data...

Download popular website User Interface for learning purpose

Now getting your favorite website user interface is not a cumbersome task. I am going to share a web resource url where you can get these UIs in psd format...

Create your own icon font by using Fontastic

Web is ever changing and growing industry other than any industry because its changes occur more often.

Download Responsive Email Templates by Zurb Playground

Since the web is following responsive web design the use of responsive email template is also increasing.

Create website guide or walkthrough with Jquery Tourbus plugin

However there are other plugins too available to create website guide and tour but each plugin has its own significant, recently in my previous post I had covered an article...

Cikonss: Provides pure responsive CSS based icon

Cikonss is a pure responsive CSS that gives you different kind of icon to be use often in web design and development.

Create creative and stylist buttons with css3

Adding a product in shopping cart or asking donation to ask people to like or comment of your simple blog or website attracting visitor with a fancy button is a...

Remove image background with ease with online tool Clipping Magic

If you can’t operate Photoshop like software then it’s very difficult to remove the background of your picture or may be sometime you opt you a system/workstation where is no...

Create free mobile slider with Swiper

Swiper is a beautiful and awesome content slider for mobile it works pretty fast as it uses hardware accelerated transitions (if available).

Determine different device screen size with

While designing a responsive web page or web app that needs to be fit in different internet browsing devices like mobile, table, laptop and desktop it is highly necessary thing...

Create sticky menu with Smint (a jquery plugin)

Smint is a jquery plugin that let you create sticky menu on web page. It can turn on any given element in sticky menu that will remain fix on top...

With WideArea give ample space while typing in text area

Many people like us want to have a neat and clean environment of a webpage to have peace of mind that eventually leads to bring their creative thought to be...

Sylius Free open source ecommerce solution

In my recent post I had covered a post on free open source ecommerce CMS (content management system), this time I am adding another item into this list.

Testing IE browser compatibility via

Once your Photoshop web design layout is approved you start converting into html by using any sophisticated html editor like Dreamweaver.

Pure – A fresh UI kickstart solution from Yahoo

Today when CSS3 and HTML5 getting strong as day progress, we have seen many css3 and html5 UI framework that are mainly developed to give you a kickstart solution for...

Create simple and elegant variety of clocks with Flipclock.js

Flipclock.js is a simple javascript framework to create different kind of clock for your website or web application. It can be used to create a clock, timer and countdown. It...

Fries is a UI framework for Android

In today time there are many frameworks available to give a kickstart UI solution to iOS platform but not much exists for Android.

Least.js a responsive image gallery built in html5 and css3

While searching an image on google image search you must have noticed google expanding inline image layout and also similar feature you can see on grid layout as well....

Responsive morphing slideshow transition effect

In this post I am going to cover a beautiful morphing transition effect that is base on CSS and Javascript and fully supported by modern browser like Safari, Mozilla, Chrome...

noUiSlider an awesome jquery range slider

Range slider mostly use to give you quick list of data list (for example product list). Nouislider is a newly developed jquery plugin available for free to create and display...

Chartkick to create chart with Ruby or without Ruby

Chartkick is a wonderful plugin to create visual chart easily, it comes handy as plugin with ruby on rails (a web language) however if you don’t want to implement in...

Html5please simple way to test html5 and css3 browser compatibility

While coding in modern (cutting edge) client side languages like html5 and css3 web designer and developer faces lots of problem to fit a single web page in different web...

Share and discover code via

This post is specially only for developer or coder who love to discover new code and also happy to share own code as well. This is a community based portal...

Self-Hosted web IDE built in PHP

IDE stands for Interactive Development Environment it is term use for software who provides code editor to write code in a more sophisticated way rather than simple software like Notepad,...

Create responsive Carousels with Flexisel Jquery plugin

In many cases web designer and web develop look up for carousel plugin for example to move footer client logos, move photo gallery thumb etc.

Create clone of with pinry

Copying thing is not a big idea but we can inspire from the successful project.

Awesome Jquery plugins to let you create web page user guide

There are many A/B testing to improve the usability of a web page. In Google analytics with the help of ‘in page analytics’ you can see the exact percentage of...

Create and Explore infographics with

With you can create wonderful interactive infographic for your upcoming presentation need. To take some inspiration before creating your own inforgraphic you can explore previously created awesome infographics.

Searching vectors, photo and PSDs are now easy with freepik

Whenever we want to get some photos, vector graphics and photoshop files we prefer to google it nevertheless if hard to find the right files for your creative work.

Discourse: An open source discussion application

Based on ruby on rail discourse is an open source application that facilitates you to easily build and deployed a discussion web site like twitter etc.

An opensource CMS for creative people

Koken is newly design php based cms for creative people like designers and photographers. With the help of this CMS creative people can create portfolio of their work.

Sell your digital good via sellfy

If you want to sell your digital goods such that music, ebooks, videos, software, apps etc. without setting up an e-commerce website then sellfy is for you.

Make Interactive web presentation with Prezi

Make Interactive web presentation with Prezi

Create Interactive Image with

Now a days I am discovering some of the awesome web application and tools those are really good for my readers.

Create online video from your photos with is a wonderful website to create online video quickly in just three simple steps. It requires only your photos and music that’s it and now your video is ready...

Workless, a clean & classy HTML5, CSS3 framework

This is awesome clean and classy framework to kickstart your html5 and css3 based web project. It comes with different type of premade web elements like layouts, Typography, Forms, Table,...

OpenScholar an Open Source apps for Academic Scholars

OpenScholar is Open source free software built over Open Source powerful content management system Drupal which aims to provide complete full featured solution to the scholars. HTML KickStart Solutions for Web Developer and Designer is a wonderful tool to start any HTML, CSS and Jquery based web project. It offers you sophisticated sets of elements that save your almost 10 hours while working...

Create your own Ad Network with Openx

Managing your Ads through different channel is quite a cumbersome task and to overcome from this problem here I am introducing you the opensource web application Openx Adserver which facilitate...

Jquery and CSS 3 based image gallery Photobox

Jquery and CSS 3 based image gallery Photobox

Sharetronix 3.0 build your own social networking site.

If you are planning to launch a social community based website for your customer or social community then this particular article is for you. I am introducing you the world’s...

Sound cloud a dedicated platform for your own recorded voice.

If you want to record, upload and share your own voice then is the perfect solution for your need. It has plenty features to record, store, manage and share...

Groove : The ultimate online self-hosted ticket and live support system.

Hi, Everyone I recently discovered an awesome web application that’s facilitate you to open an awesome ticket and live chat based support system with ton of features. an online self hosted discussion platform is a very good online self hosted discussion and debate platform. It is a social web2.0 application it can be integrated in every website be it static or dynamic...