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wow.js: animate anything as you scroll down the web page

With wow.js and animate.css you can make your page pretty much interactive with awesome  animations. you can animate different elements of the web page as scroll down event occurs on...

Zoomerang.js: To zoom in and zoom out any element of a web page

Zoomerang.js is a javascript plugin that can zoom in and zoom out any element of a web page i.e. Image, Text etc.

Clef: log in and log out to your website with your smartphone

After Google authentication, now it’s Clef who has completely change the way we used to log in to our website, the Clef is a free replacement for usernames and passwords...

Mondrian: A free open source web based vector graphic app

Mondrian is a web based vector graphic application like Adobe illustrator, it is free and open source web app which is entirely written in Coffeescript.

Create cutting edge logo for free with ease

Squarespace logo is an online web tool which recently launched by its maker to facilitate end user to create non-commercial free logo easily. You can create your logo for your...

Learn to create dotted style navigation

Codrops has recently published a tutorial to create a dotted style navigation in html5 and css3, take a look to this tutorial.