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Zync Quad 8: Making waves in Indian tab market

Grab technologically superior tablet Zync Quad 8 at amazingly low rates right now and enjoy spectacular specs, which are considered the monopoly of devices of international brands!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: For geeks from all walks of life

Get ready to enjoy the advanced specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which are released in three different versions to suit the budget of geeks from all walks of life....

Google Nexus 7 Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Who will win tab war?

The war between the tablets of Google and Samsung is really interesting to watch?  Both packs spectacular specs, but somewhere overpasses each other, catching the attention of geeks Get notified by email when a web page changed is a free web tool to visually monitor your selected web page on selected interval time and on selected trigger level i.e. Tiny, Medium and Major. It gives you...

Tabslet: awesome and modern jquery tab plugin

Tabslet is a jquery tab plugin. This is an awesome, modern and beautifully designed tab plugin with lots of customization possibility.

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