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JQuery Tip Cards: To create Google tips like flip card layout

With jQuery tips cards plugin you can create a card layout that let your user flip through it like you see on Google Tips. The plugin is completely free and open...

Allofthelights.js: A free jquery plugin to enhance video viewing experience

Allofthelights.js is a jquery plugin to enhance experience of viewing internet videos. This free jquery plugin dimmed the opacity of entire webpage except selected area like video player to give...

Create interactive 3D object with free jquery interactive 3D plugin

Jquery Inteactive 3D plugin is a free jquery plugin developed by Pete R the founder of BucketListly, it offers you to created 3D interactive object by combining several images (taken...

Maplace.js: An awesome jquery plugin to insert google map

Maplace.js is a latest free jquery plugin to insert Google map on web page with variety of display layouts and styles. With the help of this awesome jquery map plugin...

Alpacs: A jquery plugin to build easy forms using JSON Schema

Alpaca.js is a free and open source jquery plugin to create forms on the fly using JSON Schema. It works over the top of jquery framework, and support both mobile...

CircleType.js: A jquery plugin to set type on circle

Circletype.js is a free jquery plugin which let you set type on Circle. You can create Arc of text or even full circle of text. With the help of this...

Create responsive websites with Responsive Elements

Responsive Elements is a simple Jquery plugin which facilitate you to create responsive web page elements quickly and easily without much coding effort, it saves your plenty of times and...

Scrolld.js: A Jquery plugin which offer responsive scrolling

Scrolld.js is a Jquery plugin who works over the top of Jquery framework to give responsive scrolling solution to your webpage.

Clndr: A jquery plugin to create calendar

Clndr is a jquery plugin to create beautiful and awesome calendar, its free, open source and hosted on github.

Tabslet: awesome and modern jquery tab plugin

Tabslet is a jquery tab plugin. This is an awesome, modern and beautifully designed tab plugin with lots of customization possibility.

AnimateScroll a jquery plugin to scroll to any part of a webpage

Animatescroll is a jquery plugin, with the help of this plugin you can scroll to any part of your web page.

Stylize html select elements with jquery EasyDropDown plugin

Jquery EasyDropDown available for free. It is a new jquery plugin that enhance the css of your dropdown html elements.

Owl Carousel: Touch enabled jquery responsive carousel slider

Owl Carousel is a latest free jquery plugin that facilitate you to create beautiful carousel scroll slider for your website or web app.

Hashslider: Jquery plugin to slide the content with #hash tag

Hashslider is a jquery content slider that can slide any html content unlike any jquery content slider plugin, Hashslider come with a hash tag feature that is unique for each...

S Gallery: A responsive jquery plugin with CSS3 animations

This time I found a very good elegant jquery plugin to solve your modern gallery problem, it is equipped with CSS3 and supported by all modern browser like Chrome, Safari,...

How to show or hide password input box content

Many times while entering the password visitors forgot what they have entered and ultimately when they do click on submit button they find in correct login or password as an...

How to create animated button with jquery and css3

With the help of jquery and css3 you can create animated buttons for your next web project.

Create element with transition effect with ElementTransitions.js

Jquery offers different kind of effects that you can assign on different html elements when different events occurs like hover, click or double click etc.

Organized your content in tabs with tabulous.js

Today web has now become too much advanced, ever since css3 and html5 came in existence new web techniques and tools gets evolve each day.

Place search box in website easily with Tipue Search

Tipue search is a jquery search plugin that offers you to add full website search features in a search box which works without database and run completely in the client...

Minimit-Anima: Hardware accelerated with fallback CSS3 animation

Minimit-Anima is a jquery plugin to create CSS3 based animation which is accelerated by hardware and supported by modern browser like Mozilla, Chrome and Safari etc.

Collageplus a jquery plugin to fit images within a container

If you will access website, on home page you can see all the updates that resides automatically with images and a brief article in a grid based layout pattern....

Create form filling progress tooltip with Progression.js

Progression.js is a Jquery plugin to create form filling progress tooltip indicator to guide users as they filling up the form.

Create website guide or walkthrough with Jquery Tourbus plugin

However there are other plugins too available to create website guide and tour but each plugin has its own significant, recently in my previous post I had covered an article...

Create sticky menu with Smint (a jquery plugin)

Smint is a jquery plugin that let you create sticky menu on web page. It can turn on any given element in sticky menu that will remain fix on top...

Create pop window easily with POP Easy

POP Easy is a light weighted jquery plugin that specifically designed to let developer create pop up window easily.

Pure – A fresh UI kickstart solution from Yahoo

Today when CSS3 and HTML5 getting strong as day progress, we have seen many css3 and html5 UI framework that are mainly developed to give you a kickstart solution for...

Jquery plugin to create book like flip page

Bookblock is a jquery plugin that help you to create booklet like page component by using this plugin you can create a book which can be flip by clicking on...

Least.js a responsive image gallery built in html5 and css3

While searching an image on google image search you must have noticed google expanding inline image layout and also similar feature you can see on grid layout as well....