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Adobe announced free edge web fonts for web designers

Recently Adobe has announced a new free web tool called ‘Edge web fonts’ to give web designer external web fonts solutions.

Crowdhoster: A free and open source crowd funding solution

Crowdhoster is a free and open source crowd funding platform developed in ruby on rails with Postgres.

OpenNote: A self-hosted rich web based WYSIWYG editor

OpenNote is an open source php based WYSIWYG editor. It is an open source alternative to the web based editors like Microsoft OneNote (T) and EverNote.

Simptip: A simple tooltip solution created with Sass

Simptip is a simple tooltip solution for your web page created with Sass (Stylesheet language), it comes in a simple light weighted single .css file, easy to load and customize...

Ink by Zorb: A free and responsive email framework

Ink is a responsive email framework to give you foundation to your next email campaign, be it newsletter or any type of email releases Ink provides you basic framework that...

Free Wall: A free jquery plugin for responsive dynamic grid layout like

Free Wall is a free jquery plugin which allows you to create responsive dynamic grid layout like